Imam Al-Ghazali on having the appropriate view of riches, by Yoel Benhabib

“The Treasures of this world will be of no use to you when you are dead.”

Imam Al-Ghazali

With these words, one of the greatest teachers in Islam, Imam Al-Ghazali, resumed the correct view that a believer should have regarding wealth, fame, and other worldly treasures. Some people live their lives as if they will never die, this should not be the case for someone who believes in God. In fact, he should always have in mind that one day he will have to render account before his Creator for the things he had done during his earthly life. Therefore, his prime concern should be to have a good standing before his Lord and through his good deeds be among those who deserve to be rewarded with everlasting life. It is not wrong to be rich or have a profession, but this should no be the main concern but to gain favor before God. If the believer loses his focus and starts pursuing “the treasures of this world” then he will miss the point of his existence completely and; how are his riches going to save him when death arrives? Like Al-Ghazali emphasized, money, gold, degrees, reputation, or properties, “will be of no use when you are dead.”


Author: Yoel Benhabib (Historian and Religious Studies professor).



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