“Emulate God and forgive,” by Yoel Benhabib

“And God is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Quran 4:96

A characteristic of many human beings is a lack of forgiveness. This is not a natural characteristic in us but a sign of disconnection from the Divinity. We, humans, have been created in the image of God therefore, HE who is the “Most Merciful” implanted “mercy” in us. But because of our sins and our distancing from God, we have become incapable of forgiving others and showing mercy when required. This does not mean that we can’t go back to our original state, on the contrary, the very solution is to turn towards God, emulate Him, and show kindness and mercy towards others.


Author: Yoel Benhabib (Historian)


Do not forget to say Thank you! by Yoel Benhabib

“Truly, God is full of bounty to mankind, but most men thank not.”

Quran 2:243

If there is something that we can never forget is to be thankful. How many times have we seen people that, after obtaining what they wanted, they simply move away without even saying “Thank you” to those who did them well! This is simply a display of egotistical characteristics present in those who have no empathy neither care for his neighbor but only asks: What’s in it for me?

One of the major ingratitudes is to forget to thank God for the many miracles and gifts he gives us in our life. How certain are the words in the Holy Quran when it states that “most men thank not?” The Quran clearly identifies the problem as some kind of ingratitude inherent to men, something hidden within but that at times surfaces as one of the crudest realities in humankind.


Author: Yoel Benhabib (Historian)


Imam Al-Ghazali on having the appropriate view of riches, by Yoel Benhabib

“The Treasures of this world will be of no use to you when you are dead.”

Imam Al-Ghazali

With these words, one of the greatest teachers in Islam, Imam Al-Ghazali, resumed the correct view that a believer should have regarding wealth, fame, and other worldly treasures. Some people live their lives as if they will never die, this should not be the case for someone who believes in God. In fact, he should always have in mind that one day he will have to render account before his Creator for the things he had done during his earthly life. Therefore, his prime concern should be to have a good standing before his Lord and through his good deeds be among those who deserve to be rewarded with everlasting life. It is not wrong to be rich or have a profession, but this should no be the main concern but to gain favor before God. If the believer loses his focus and starts pursuing “the treasures of this world” then he will miss the point of his existence completely and; how are his riches going to save him when death arrives? Like Al-Ghazali emphasized, money, gold, degrees, reputation, or properties, “will be of no use when you are dead.”


Author: Yoel Benhabib (Historian and Religious Studies professor).



Información sobre el Curso Los Grandes Cabalistas: Introducción a la Historia de la Cabalá

Información sobre el curso “Los grandes cabalistas: Introducción a la historia de la Cábala”, por el profesor Yoel Benhabib.

Queridos amigos,

Para todos aquellos interesados en inscribirse en este nuevo curso sin igual en lengua Castellana sobre los grandes cabalistas y la historia de la Cábala, toda la información se encuentra disponible en el sitio web de la escuela (www.psicologiaycabala.com). Allí podrán encontrar el programa de clases, el precio del curso, horario de clases, etc. Las clases serán en vivo por video conferencia, tendrán la posibilidad de hacerle preguntas al profesor Yoel Benhabib, y también quedarán grabadas y podrán acceder a ellas de por vida cuántas veces deseen. Todo el mundo es bienvenido!!
Aquí les dejo el link que los llevará directamente al curso para inscribirse
Link: https://bit.ly/grandes-cabalistas

Muchas bendiciones y nos veremos en el curso.


Yoel Benhabib

Profesor de Historia y Cabalá



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